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Witty Moderator / Member Replies to posts

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Greetings from the Southern Hemisphere.
An idea I had for member's amusement was to compile (or add to) a new thread on the witty replies by mods or members.
This could be from this website (ETO) or others, omitting the OP/mod/site name for confidentiality.
While not intended to mock anybody specifically, I often LOL at some of the "Garfield" in-your-face answers to some posts.

Newbie Intro:
"My name is David. That's all I have to say".
"I used to know a David once!"
"So how is Linda doing since her op, and have you fixed your outboard motor yet??"
(He got 4 likes, mine included). :p


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I know a SineWave. (short form of the name) The birth certificate = SinusoidalWaveForm
I bet you are related to JackedUp. Know him well. Cousins are F&#*edUp and StuckUp.

p.s nothing about electronics, just noise.


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I take drugs and even i dont get any of that!!!
Whos Linda? or dave come to that?

Am i missing something?
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