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Wireless Security System

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I'm Lau, I'm particular doing my degree in Electronic and Telecommunications course in Local University. On this coming new semester, I need to produce a project.

My lecturer has gave me an idea, here comes the detail.

The project is a security based project, which it can be applied to the computer lab. The input devices will be the sensors. There will be one transmitter and the other one is receiver. The transmitter (a small tape) is stick at the back cover of the computer housing, and the receiver is sticked on the wall. Each transmitter connected to each computer is able to produce different bit signals.

There will be a micro-controller (may not be micro-controller) device whereby it will monitor the signal of the sensor and send the informations to the computer through serial ports or LPT port so that the computer is able to show the locations of the different computers.

Now, if there is somebody goes to the computer lab, he will unplug the computer and remove it from the original place. As a result, there will be no bit signals being transmitted to the receiver sensor mounted on the wall. So, the circuit is able to produce an output and display on the computer or producing other outputs such as forcing all magnetic doors to lock, alarm and so on.

I'm now facing problem with this project because I'm not really good in computer and chip programming. Is there any way to do it? HELP...... I'm lost.... worried.....



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What do You think about analog way, same as antishoplifting systems in supermarkets?
On computer You need only a tuned L-C circuit, and on wall mount a sweep-generator with AM-demodulator. If the L-C circuit nearby the other device: no alarm.It work without computer and detect the removed device also when switched off...


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That is a good idea.... I was totally disappointed today because my lecturer has given this title to other people to do. I got no chance to do this anymore. Thanks for your help anyway.

I'm now have to figure out another topic or project for myself to propose next week. Any idea? Can I email you if I have questions? my email is [email protected]
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