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wireless control model

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Despite the fact I have some sympathy for those in gaza, I'm not helping him build remote detonators. EPIC fail at disguising intentions


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What makes you think he is going to make a remote detonators. He is just here to "Learn". :D


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Oh, I see.
What you want is a multi-channel, radio control detonator board.
Good luck.
I, for one, do NOT want big burly men in flak jackets, shoving copies of the "Patriot Act" into my nether regions. Especially ones who pretend to be senior students who exhibit a null knowledge of the subject they are studying.


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Reguardless of the intentions of the OP building anything when access to basic parts is a problem pretty much makes the project a non issue.


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oh no

guys don't think about this

i am a student .. belive me ,, and i have to learn

if you so I won't come to this forum again ....

i don't have any concepts about denators or multi channel contr.............

this is very very funny that engineers as you thought about this and thought like this .. i am just a student thought about bonus project .. is how to make wireless RF control model as the devices offers on the net.

i thought about this since Israeli occupation ,, do you understand this or not .

and my problem not a part of big project as you think but it is simple project .

look !!
all of you >> if i were american ,, i'll have all i want as PIC or microcontroller or transmitter or recievers .. and i have all idea to make this project if i have this devices ..

but the hard id how to make as this project by simple devices as BJT or some badly devices as old radio or old devices that is waste ..!!!


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Let's see, as an engineering student I've noticed this;

1. You want to build a remote with several miles range
2. You have a provocative signature
3. You have a terrorist leader as your photo
4. You dislike the blockade (as do I)
5. You sent me a mildly threatening PM
6. You a uncomfortable about disclosing your location

So, based on these, I've come to the conclusion you are an aggressive, disgruntled person ready to lash out at that those that frustrate you/disagree with you, and possibly with something to hide. Added to this you're in Gaza.
Now there's something called subliminal messaging. You're better at it than you think


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No he didn't :D

After these posts he added me in his IM seeking the same help, after some time he changed his project, in which i helped him to drive some servo motors.
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