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Will I be able to work with Atmel studio with the Atmega 328p after burning the Arduino bootloader?


Hi guys, so I found these videos on youtube for "Arduino on a breadboard" and bought an Atmega 328 chip and a 16 MHz oscillator for this. I don't think my chip comes with the Arduino boot loader pre installed. So many people said use the Arduino Uno to burn the boot loader on to the chip. But I wanted to use Atmel Studio 7 and upload code on the Atmega 328. Once I upload my Arduino boot loader, will I still be able to use Atmel studio to upload my code? will there be any issues?

Les Jones

Well-Known Member
You have not defined what you mean by "The code" Is it generated using the Arduino IDE and do you want to load it using the boot loader via the serial port ? Have you compiled it using the Arduino IDE and managed to get the .HEX file and find out the address which it needs to be loaded ? Have you generated the code using Atmel studio to compile a "C" source file or assembling an assembler source and want to load using Atmel studio it overwriting the boot loader ?


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