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where's the best place to find parts?

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1997 GA16DE

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I'm talking like RadioShack (the way it used to be). Radioshack was the best IMO, even with RSU. I have a printed catalog from 98, and they apparently printed their last copy in 2002. This catalog was the best thing ever, but my 1998 copy is now out of date, many of the parts are no longer available, and radioshack.com BLOWS.

Where do you guys find parts? does anybody know where I can get a later copy of the RS printed catalog?


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used to work at RS

i used to work there and i agree they have stopped carrying the "good" stuff. but there are many other places to get parts from, for cheaper, and almost just as fast as rs. here are just a few good places that have free paper or pdf catalogs that you can download or have sent to your house:


those are the main three i get catalogs from and if you cant find it in those catalogs your gonna have to order it from the manufacturer themselves. most of the places also have very fast delivery. like 2 day delivery and because the parts are small and fairly cheap to buy, the cost of getting them in the mail, paying for the cost and delivery is much more worth it than going to rs.
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