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What to do with a PLC (Programmable logic controller)

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Hi, i am newbie in the world of microcontrollers and their usage. I am spending lot of hours reading about them lately. I can't afford a programming board yet but i'm thinking of making a small parallel cable to connect to avr.

Recently my uncle which work as a engineer in a industrial company gave me this. It is a programmable logic controller computer. [link=http://www.ctcusa.com/ctcnet/support/Manuals/PDF_Zip/05087105.pdf][/link]

It is a small computer with a integrated touchscreen.
It is way too complicated for me and i dont know what to do with it. The thing has two serial ports, an ethernet port and ps2 connections for mouse and keyboard. The thing is running dos 6.22 and has a flash card slot.

I dont know if it could be used to control maybe some kind of house domotic project. The thing was used to control water flow from different pipes. If someone got a clue of what it could be used for id be glad to hear it.

And If someone is interested in trading a decent programming board for it send me a msg. For a newbie like me this is way too much. Right now the thing is just gathering dust on my shelf. All id want would be to learn microcontrollers and their programming.

Thank you



Sell it. If its pretty decent, you can get money for it and then use it to buy some beginner kit or a programmer or whatever.

I had a ARM developer board for some time. Won it at an Atmel Seminar. I was intimidated by it and contemplated selling it. I'm glad I didnt because I'm trying to work my way into ARM. Who knows, maybe you might have a need for it at some later time.


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of course it would be great to sell it

Of course it would be great to sell it and i could really use the cash. But there is much better stuff out there today even if the thing was worth something like 1500 $ some years ago. I was thinking that maybe someone would be more likely to be interested in a trade. Maybe for something like an AVR dragon or something similar. I just want to start making some small robots and have fun using them with my daughter ;)
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