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What is this???

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Its a POTentiometer, or a variable capacitor. I bought something that looked like that from a store for 50 cents canadian. It was a 1-12pF variable capacitor.


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well guys, thanks for the help, i pretty much figured it was either a variable cap or resistor but wasnt too sure.
ill take it as being a variable cap like you said 1-12pf.



Dean Huster

Well-Known Member
Cap OR pot ..... hmmmm.

There are only two terminals on the device, so I'd assume it to be a trimmer cap.

Most trimmer pots have three terminals, although you can find some from the 1960's (e.g., those used in a Simpson 260 Series 5 VOM) that had only two leads and were used in the configuration of a rheostat -- nothing more than a variable resistance vs. a potentiometer. But these days, you just don't see those 2-terminal resistors anymore.

Thought I'd throw those thoughts in since the posts never really did nail down that it was one device or the other. You know, a quick check with an ohmmeter across the leads will provide you with the definitive answer: an open means it's a variable cap (or a defective pot!) while a resistance will assure you that it's a variable resistor and turning the adjustment should change the value.

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