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What are amps, watts, volts and ohms?

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Hi Paprika,

AMPS is flow,
fifty zillion electrons per second.

WATTS is power,
use more power you'll drain that battery faster.

VOLTS is pressure,
too much will burst through the insulation.

OHMS is a measure of how hard it is to
push those electrons through that bit,
(more pressure ....means .... more flow!)

I made up a way of remembering the relationship
between current(I), volts(V) and resistance(Ohms),
others have told me that they have never forgot
it or got it wrong since i told them this way.

You know there are three symbols,
but you've got to get them in the right places
for it to work properly,

You know the = sign goes in the middle,

The memonic i made up goes like this:


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