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Vizio TV Repair, Please Help

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mother board

I also have the problem with a poor picter on the left side but after about 20 minutes it is fine and stays great but I am in the compter field and deal with dell mother boards caps going bad so I am sure eventually my set is going to crap out all together

Where can I buy a system board for a visio 42 inch lcd


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He brought it to Best Buy (where he got it from) and the geek squad looked at it and said it would cost more to repair it than a new one is worth
That's true... the down side of the ridiculously cheap electronics we now have available. They are throw away items.


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Polaroid is just another badge on the same cheap junk.
Polaroid is backed by Electrohome of Canada. EH made excellent products in its day, primarily industrial and broadcast quality video. Some of the Polaroid stuff still is Electrohome design and assembled in the far east.
However, I find that all too often a respected company decides to venture outside their succussful realm that they're initially famous for and they then do an awful job at it. HP was top notch lab/military equipment. Then they decided to add consumer products by expanding sales to include trashy computers and worsened further by bringing Compaq on board!:( If a company is top notch at producing say, a highly praised guitar amplifier, you don't spin off and try manufacturing musical instruments as well. Yamaha is one, susscessful and lone entity that is the exception to that rule.
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Polaroid is backed by Electrohome of Canada. EH made excellent products in its day, primarily industrial and broadcast quality video..
'In its day' doesn't help with the modern junk :D

I'm also dubious about some of it been Electrohome designed, it will more probably all just be bought in cheap junk.


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HAy I have a 50" vizio plazma vp50hdtv10a when i first turn it on in the am it comes on for a second and then the screen disapears like the power has been unplugged, But the power light stays green, turn the power off light flashes for about 10-11 flashes then turns amber hit the power button same thing happens do this 10 - 20 time and it will finaly stay on. At a lose on this I'm thinking a power supply maybe, any other thoughts out there
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