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video switching project : crosspoint - pic16F690 - lcd hd44780 16x2 - 4xswitches - x4

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I have been undergoing the process of my project which is a video switching project.

It should include x4 DIP switches connecting to the microcontroller PIC16F690 - which drives a small lcd HD44780 16x2 as to indicate which sitch has been closed. Also the PIC is responsible in enabling the MAX4456 video crosspoint switch to accept input cam 1 & output it to a display .. I'll work with phonos to a scart accepting phonos.

I have built the LCD in the breadboard which I managed to power it on ok & input simple characters..the screen fills up with the same character as a a debouncing circuit is required at input.

The pic I'll get to it later on, at the moment I'm learning C++ which I would use to program the PIC. I have problems in operating the MAX4456 by itself.

I'm trying to figure it out. but cannot understand the typical circuit I contacted maxim through their site but all they replied back is to build up the typical applicatio ncircuit but I cannoit understand exactly how to power it on and use it individually... anyone can help me it would be a maaizng

my E-mail : [email protected]

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