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VHF1, VHF3, UHF ...where is VHF2 ??

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I'm from Romania and I bought a brand new TV last week.
"WINDSOR 55cm".
Everything is fine, but I belive that the tuner can't receive VHF2, and I'm affraid I'm missing some TV programs from my cable company.
I have VHF1, VHF3 and UHF.
If anybody can answer me , please do it .
Thank you.


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VHF1 and VHF3 have a frequency range of 25-233 Mhz (i think). And they are the most common. VHF2 I believe is somewhere in between the two. You will probably have to go and purchase a convertor or just a new tuner. Try this web site http://jtvhost.narod.ru/en/jtvtune.html
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