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Brian Hoskins

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You can try cleaning the laser if you're careful and you know what you're doing. If neither of these qualities apply, then you can try a laser cleaning disc. Other than that, unless you're able (or willing) to attempt a repair yourself, it's time to buy a new one!



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Probably one of the following causes:

1/ Dodgy power supply
2/ Dodgy spindle motor/ driver
3/ Dodgy laser



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its not on the power supply, but probably it's on the motor and the laser.. try to clean the laser with a soft cotton but don't put any chem liquids just only water. but if nothing happens, buy DIsc cleaners in the market or consult a service center near you....


First check the disk you are puting in is clean (no dust / Big scratches)

First Basic Step Blow hard into the disk tray and try again if not then get some mineral water (PURE) and wipe with a polishing cloth

If This doesn't work then tip the vcd on its side (90 degs) this sometimes fixes the problem but it looks a bit stupid :rolleyes:
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