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USB Pic Programmer

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Hi, Groups.
I like to make USB port PIC Programmer. If you know schematic and software please send me file or write address.

Thanks All



the problem with usb pic programmers is that they need a special chip that has to be used to decode the signals from the USB port. most of the time because of the compecity of the chip and the fact that it is a SMT IC it is not generally done by the average person. if you are after a Usb pic programmer than i recommend that you get a kit with the IC pre-soldered on. if you want to get a kit than i can recommend that you get it from here. they are the cheapest place you will find them from and they have a very fast delivery. i have previously ordered from here and i can tell you they are excellent kits.

I hope you find something

Or go for a real PICkit 2 from Microchip. They are reasonably priced and worth every penny. Some of the clones skimp on the details.


I wonder if PICkit 2 or the clones were around in 2003 when the request was made? Nice resurrection there john blue.


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LOL That would be cool maybe it could also pour water over your head to wake you up before you post to something that's 7 years old


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As long as this has been resurrected, I was just about to ask about the same thing, I have a pickit 2 clone (a junebug) but I was thinking of making some spares that are just cheap programmers for my friends, and maybe a spare for me in case mine breaks. A google search turns up dozens of 18f2550 and 4550 based pickit 2 clones. Some look decent and some don't. So I was going to ask for recommendations of a plan to follow.

So far this seems the be one of the better ones I've found:PICkit2 Compatibile MPLAB Programmer


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That's a good one but you can make one with just the charge pump part all transistors no fet's that works just as good with haft the parts . Ive made a bunch of them the best one that I came up with 22 parts and woks like a charm for 5 volt chips

There not much to it Vpp feed back Vdd feed back and a charge pump all you need to program 5 volt chips

You can program the 3.3 chips if you cut the usb power and use a 3.3 volt supply

You could make one with 4 2n7000 and one 2n3906 a Scottish diode six caps 11 resistors and L1 and program all the pic chips you want
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