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USB Controller Timer software?

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Looking to buy a USB interface board from Maplin, like N67BH, or similar if anyone has any recommendations (just needs to switch one relay)

I need some kind of timer software that will switch on and off at specific times (to the second). Anyone know of such software? Or is it easy to write a program to do this in basic? (Haven't programmed anything in 18 years, but used to have good knowledge of basic)

(For a temporary RSL radio station, the playout system will play a news jingle and wait, but I need something running in the background to then switch the news audio feed from the sat receiver on and off each hour, without paying hundreds for the option in the playout system. Needs to be PC based, as the PC will have its clock synced over NTP every few minutes, otherwise it will start to chop the start and end of the news)

Thanking you

PS sorry if this is the wrong forum, couldn't think which was most appropriate
Not open for further replies.

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