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USB 2.0 webcam design ideas

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Hi Team,

I want to design a USB 2.0 webcam. Could you please guide on the steps involved and the components required (preferably Texas Instruments). I know that a CMOS sensor is required but not sure where to get them and also how to convert the data into a USB format.



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Here is one path to follow. There are many other ways.

1) choose image sensor
2) study output data formats and control methods for sensor
3) choose appropriate microcontroller for simplest interface to image sensor
4) choose output data format for delivery over USB
5) choose a USB controller for easiest interface to your microcontroller
6) prepare schematic diagram with sensor, uP and USB controller plus the necessary clocks, reset controller, power supply, debug and other accessory functions
7) layout circuit board
8) fabricate circuit board
9) assemble circuit board
10) write software to run on microprocessor to collect data from sensor, change its format and deliver it to USB
11) test and correct software until working

You may get the sense that this is not a simple project. I am concerned that it is perhaps too difficult for you to complete.


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Thanks a lot. Can you suggest some parts. I searched TI website but couldn't find any specific parts or reference designs for this kind of project

Manchego Cheese

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What is your understanding of what is involved in designing a USB webcam? What is your previous electronics design experience e.g. projects you have designed of similar compexity?
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