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Unknown dc motor brand

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I have had this dc motor for years. I run it off a kblc 19 mod controller. I want to get a better controller. One that is covered. But I don’t know the specs on this motor. I can barely read the name plate. It does say.

Best products p/n 70236
1/8 hp
265 rpm
Class a ins
67 amps cont duty.
I believe it says 180 vd

I tried to google best products and nothing comes up. I just want something that tells me all the info on the motor.


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Welcome to ETO.

Your motor could be so old that the manufacturer disappeared before the internet got started.

What information do you want?
You already seem to have most things already.

It is a 1/8HP 180v DC motor.
It runs at 265 rpm.

One little error, I think that the "67 amps" should actually read "0.67 amps".
That would make the electrical input power 180 x 0.67 = 120 watts, which seems reasonable for a small 1/8 hp output motor.



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Looking at t he user manual, the 0.18 Ohm resistor for a 0.8A motor seems to be the most appropriate.

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Ok. Next question. It says 180 vd on the motor. I have ran it off a plug in the wall. Which is 110.

Do I need a 220 line to run it at 180 vd?


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You do know the KBIC 19 controller is virtually identical to the one in the link in #3?
Just that it is in an enclosure.
Why not just buy a suitable enclosure for it and fit the controls to the front panel?

dr pepper

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180V dc is common for servo motors, so it probably is/was one.


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I have gone thru 4 of them. Nobody in my town knows how to fix them.
They are fairly easy to fix and generally it is the SCR bridge components that fail or would be the first suspects, the Rectifiers and the SCR's, All can be obtained from DigiKey.
KB have been around for a few decades now and also offer the slightly superior PWM versions.
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I will gladly send them to someone to fix. I know nothing about them besides that they don’t work. I talked to kB electronics and they just want me to send them to them and they will tel me what’s wrong

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