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understanding/interpreting the mechanical drawings of parts

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Hi Team,

I know schematic design but the only problem is understanding and interpreting the mechanical drawings of the electronic components. I couldn't find much documentation on the internet to convert the component's drawings into a PCB footprint. There are simple tutorials like land pattern but there aren't any tutorials for complex package types. Could you please guide me on how to learn, understand and interpret the drawings and convert them to a footprint.



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Can you give an example of the component you're having trouble with?


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The datasheets of most components show land patterns and dimensions.


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"42" is apparently the number of spaces (EDIT: it's 42, not 43 because there are two sides). "44" is the number of pins on that package. 0.65 mm is the center to center distance. 0.35 mm is the pad or stencil width for non-soldermask. Do you know what soldermask is and why it may not be desired for that package?

Try drawing the whole device in your new CAD program.
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