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UK electronics supplier

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Hi does any know any good uk suppliers of electronics components?


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UK Electronics bits

The obvious ones are :-

Maplin Electronics --- www.maplin.co.uk
Radio Spares --- http://rswww.com

Maplin are OK, shops dotted around the UK
RS may not deal with you if you don't have a business account? try them, sound confident, have a credit card handy for payment when ordering over the 'phone.

There used to be a really good surplus shop under the railway viaduct in Leeds (leave railway station, turn right, follow track (don't go under bridge) about 150 yards. Was called MB or something, loads of ex BBC gear. Haven't been back for a few years so it might have gone now!


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Component supplies.

Having repaired tv's since the mid 70.s,... betamax then later vhs vtr.s were the must have item, a good living could be made then, over the last 5 years probably more, ...self employed people cannot now if realistic compete with the mass production of brown goods that flood the shops, try working with smd (surface mount devices) without the costly equipment necessary to safely remove large ic's, ok some capacitors/resistors/etc can be removed / replaced with carefull practice, but unless the equipment is such HQ (if any) there cannot be a demand on a worthwhile scale to service these goods, the public can now buy these entertainment packs which are good value for money complete with a one years free back up. common components such as resistors/caps/ diodes /transistors etc, can be bought easily, the prices for large original parts are costly but what happens next when the demand for even copy parts is drying up due to the cost of the repair, the majority of people chuck it in the bin and buy new for the price of a night out, basic electronic components are available on a grand scale for hobbyist's all over, servicing brown goods in my opinion has no future.


The likes of RS and Farnell/CPC tend to be fairly expensive when it comes to handling charges........ I use a company called ESR electronics.


Very helpful, no minimum order, and next day delivery 8)
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