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Trying to dump ds5000T and write to a new one

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My issue: The company I work for has a pile of Dallas DS5000T - 32 -16+ chips laying around that I suspect are physically fine, but the program/data they run are corrupt. I want to know if it is possible to dump the data/program from a new chip on to one of the old ones with corrupt data.

Long story short, these chips operate some old machinery. Every once in a while we have to replace the boards that they operate. We have them sent in for repair. Recently, I looked at the return sheet, and it seems all they are doing is reloading these chips and sending them back to us - And that seems to do the trick.

I found a Universal 40-pindrive PROGRAMMER laying around that we used to use on some older chips we no longer have. It is made by BK PRECISION model: 844USB. On the older chips it was as simple as Selecting the chip using the software it comes with. But the DS5000T - 32 -16+ is not listed. I looked up the data sheet for this programmer and it DOES list the ds5000 series chips as a supported chip.

I was wondering if there were other models similar enough to these Dallas chips that I could Possibly select using the BK software. I read browsing around these chips emulate another chip. But there was no specific information given. Could somone shead some light, I am stuck.

I am open for other suggestions.

Thanks in advance.

Ian Rogers

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Two things stand out.... The DS5000T seems to have a 10 year lifespan... If the data is corrupt the battery may be on its way out... I take it that you don't have the hex file for the newer chip or you would just program the old one... There is a software encryption on the sram so it cannot easily be read..

If you chose a different mirco with flash... The issue here is the programs are written to run from ram as there is no onboard rom.. Personally I wouldn't bother if the newer chip does the job!!


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This PDF is the User guide, I agree with Ian, the Security feature will block access.


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Sorry for the late response. Been busy around here. No I do not have the hex file....Maybe that is something I can look into getting from the manufacturer - I never thought of that. But generally we order the whole board and it comes with the application loaded. But the boards are super simple and I know the issue is not the boards themselves because I put a new chip in an old board and it worked fine, that is what lead me to believe the data is corrupt.

The deal is, they seem to die out sooner than 10 years. More around 2-3 years. We have a pile of them laying around and I was hoping to try and breath life into them. Keep in mind these boards are 600+ dollars a piece. If I could get some of these old chips working I could save A LOT of money. I will look at the pdf when I get a chance and see what I can come up with and get back to you.

BTW is there a way to tell if the battery is toast?

Thanks again.

Ian Rogers

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If they are corrupt after 2~3 years, then there will be noise that is affecting the components.... We use a dallas NV sram on some of our systems... There is a massive issue with the power supply.. If there is a spike causing the negative rail to go more than -0.5v.... trouble... When I have analysed the data after the corruption you can clearly see a frequency running through the data.... They are not robust enough for out environment so we now use an ATMEL flash using the same JEDEC standard... Trouble gone....

The DS500t is just a normal 8051 strapped to one of these NV srams....

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