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Trying to build a remote control submarine or water artefact

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Hi i had a remote controled plane that never flew. So i was thinking about making a remote control submarine withe the control and motor and reciver. It is of 49megahertz

As you can see its kind of a plastic ball , i was thinking on puting the reciver and 2 motors of 18v and control it from outside.
Some suggestions?
Any hint for sealing it?
any tip?

thank you all for ur help



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Hi kakatua,

I don't think 49 Mhz radio transmissions will travel through water.
See what others say, i may be wrong.
Or, maybe the aerial could float ?

John :)


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Quite correct, high freaquency radio signals will not penetrate water.

The vast magority of model submarines for R/C use must keep the antenna a few inches above the water in order to maintain control.
With internal electronics to make the craft surface in the event of signal loss. There are plenty of good sites with tutorials on the web but focus mainly on construction with off the shelf modules for ballast control , propulsion and guidance/depth control etc all of which is fairly bulky.

Can you give us some dimensions? the scale of your proposed hull is unclear from the photo's.
A neutrally bouyant craft would seem to be the best option using propulsion to "push" its self under and around.


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well, it is about 15 centimiters diameter
it is a sphere
i wa thinking on balancing the weight so it gets stable, 2 motors on one said in 45 angle and conecting to the recharchable baterry and the reciver.
cuz my reciver is already programed with the 2 motors, for turning it just increases the power in one side and decreases in other.
No timonel


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Submarine project

Have you considered using simple acoutic signalling through the water? Easy to make hydrophones would allow long-distance comm link between your sub and the surface. Modulated control signals on a audio signal are easy to do, and give you full control of your model in he water. Sound pick up can be microphone literally glude to inside of plastic shell. Be aware that your hull shell will be only a shallow depth unit, as the water pressure will enter any space, seam, or connection it can. You have an interesting idea, and what looks like a great way to explore. Consider a tethered robot sub first to help you work out all the bugs first, and to make recovery easier if there is a failure. By the way, consider a sonar link for transmission of video, and put a camera in the robot sub.


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A tethered robot would open up the use of CCD camera, video , power and control commands can all share the same single minature co-ax cable with a little application note help , Maxim Ic Video application notes would be use full to read , not the chip but the rest of the circuit :wink:

The bandwidth or capability of "sonar"/acoustic systems to carry video signals is theoretically posibble using slow scan hardware but doubt you coud fit this inside the hull. I could be wrong PIC microcontrolers are very versitile and it might be done this way....


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As a model submariner I can tell you that the signal will penetrate water up to 3 meters in ideal (fresh water no chloride,....) conditions. If you are looking for more information, check http://www.subcommittee.com and the forum that comes with it. You'll find a mass of other submariners with a large amount of knowledge on the subject.

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