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Touch screen Help!!!!

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Hey you all my fellow engineers,:D
This is my first topic on here,so i hope i can find the help i need..:D
I am a student in the faculty of engineering, cairo universty at my last year in electronics department.
Anyway, i am preparing for my graduation project and we're thinking in home automation technology.
My question is:i am having a hard time trying to find a suitable touch screen to be used inside the house by the user to control the other devices.?
the feautres i need in that touch screen are to be:
-portable (wirless)

-programmable(so i can adjust it to control in a specific way)

-supports the zigbee protocol (i am using the zigbee to connect between all devices..this condition is not a must.i would settle for any communication method as long as it is wirless)

-at last with a reasonable price..u know i am not that rich..i am not rich at all:(:D
Thanks anyone for taking the time to read this.i would really appreciate any help.may be one of you guys might be luckier than me searching the web.OR may be one of u already have an experience with touch screens
Note:we are not actually gonna implement our project on a real house..we are just using a small proto type (model).

Thnks again and best regards for this great forum:D


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A touchscreen refers to the membrane or interface, that you touch and a touch screen controller can get touch reading off of.

What it sounds like you want is a touch screen with LCD, with a controller that you can program a user interface with that will also connect to a Zigbee network possibly with a Zigbee module, like an XBee. It also sounds like you want something that's relatively plug and play.

I would suggest an STM32 Primer2. It's a development platform for the STM32 Cortex-M3 microcontroller. It has an LCD, touchscreen, and a add on module area where you could make up an interface for an XBee module.


But there's are many other possibility out there, but since you haven't given us any background as to your abilities, it's hard to offer advice.


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First of all,I want to thank you Big time Mark for your help..i really appreciate it..
I looked at the link you have sent to me and to be honest with you,I am little confused.
You'are asking about my abilities and i tell you that i do best at microcontroller programing.but i am very open to learn other ways and since i don't have any knowledge abiut touch screens, I Would love if u tell me the essential information and from where i can get it so i can start this all touch screen thing.
i would like to know how touch screen can be programed generally .
thnks again and waiting for ur reply
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