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To control speed of motor by distance of 2 objects

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Hello,new to this place.Need to find out if it's possible make one RC car(behind) running at the same speed of another RC car(in front)(just an example) without any wirings required?I mean when the car in front stops,the car behind stops and when the car in front runs at 10km/h, the car behind does so too...is it possible?


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Ultrasonics ?

Would it be feasable to have the trailing car fitted with an ultrasonic ranging device to maintain the gap between cars?

If the lead car could transmit data from an on-board compass so that the trailing car could steer to match direction with its own on-board compass?
OR ...
Maybe the lead car could have a flashing LED pointing backward that the trailing car could 'see' with a sensor array to give a sense of direction? (the flashing helps to prevent interference from bright lights).

How about the lead car could have a radio transmitter and an ultrasonic transmitter, both 'pinging' together. The trailing car could then use this info to work out distance (delay between radio and ultrasonic receivers) AND direction (an array of ultrasonic recievers, arranged as a fan - strongest signal gives direction).

The problem could be eased if the cars were guided by a track, real cars are forced into line by a narrow track (the road).
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