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timing system for drag races

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im doing a timing system for drag racing. it should start of with a sequence of traffic lights(l.e.ds) going from red, amber to green. once it goes to green the timers for the two cars start to measure the time of each car. upon reaching the finish line, there are infra red sensors that should stop the timing of the respective car when disturbed. i need help on how i can go about this project. the lanes in which they travel are separated by a barrier so that infra red sensors work for each car. this design is based on the pis16c84(using parallax). mainly help on the programing is required. and the circuit connections


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being one to goto the drag stip myself the systems they use are a little more complicated than that. but not imposible to duplicate im sure.

first you pull up to the line and lite one red light this way you know you and the car next to you are on the same mark and then the lights count down 3 - 2 - 1 and off they go....

the first light activated by you pulling up to the line is a laser optic sensor you break the beam and the light comes on. Once both racers lights are on then the lady working in the booth hits a button to start the count down. As soon as the last light is lit a timer starts. Then as soon as the drivers hits the gass the optic sensor sees the laser and the time at that instant is recorded but the timer remains running. This first time is called the reaction time. 1/8 mile down the strip the time is recorded again by breaking another beam and finnaly at the 1/4 mi point another beam is broke and the timer is stoped and the final time is recorded and displayed on the jumbotron.

First you should draw a block diagram of all the events that have taken place and then devide that up into the types of circuits you will need to control each of the major funtions... Work from there

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If i had a project like that i wod use the computers parallel port.

And like this:
3 output pins for the start lights(1 for green,1 for yelow and 1 for red)
2 inputs for the finish line (1 for each car)

The computer then can show the resoults is miliseconds (1000 miliseconds = 1 second)

You just need the IR ciruit at the finish line.

That is the solution if your a programer. 8)
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