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Time domain multiplxor for multiple USB data streams

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We need a multi-channel version of this USB isolator......

USB isolator:
http://usb-isolator.eu/Files/Product sheet - USBISO-DT15.pdf

We could just buy several of the isolators, but they are expensive.
Therefore, we are wondering if there is a unit that we could buy that will take in several USB inputs, then time-domain multiplex them together –so that it can be ported through one USB lead, and then be sent through just one USB isolator?


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Caution, the first one you link to is not the normal USB 2.0 but a reduced speed version, down to 'full speed' whcih is 12Mb/s not 480Mb/s.

However, if it is fully compatible with that full speed then i would think it would work with a hub. Never tried it though. Probably will be fairly slow though.

Another idea is to go USB to RS232 then use isolated RS232 channels. You can do as many as you like then.


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It sounds like you have USB devices 1,2 and 3 going to USB ports 1,2 and 3 on a single computer.
You are thinking about 3 isolators.

For a test; get a 3:1 USB hub and connect devices 1-3 to a single port on the PC. It should work. I have it working here. Then a single isolator will work. (if your speed is not too fast)
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