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Thermistor Calculation


I'm using a thermistor to record some temperatures. I was given the circuit below, but have not worked with this configuration in the past. Basically I can't change anything at the
moment. I'm using an NTC thermistor NTCALUG01T from Vishay, any tips will be appreciated.



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Vishay has design tools. One is linked to above.
What tips do you want? Do you want a temperature to ADC reading relationship?

Using Vishay tools you can make a table of temperature to resistance in two columns in a spread sheet.
Then using parole and series resistor math you can make a column of resistance of (R144||R47)+R52.
Next column is "voltage divider". (5VDC, resistors, to voltage).
Next column is to ADC values.
Now you have temperature and ADC values.

Another way is to find a formula for the thermistor and insert that into the resistor math so you only have a formula.

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