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The Breadboard

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Those bread board here in the US is really expensive, big ones cost over $100.Smaller ones about $20.
Quality are good. And Made in USA.
yeah i have noticed that big time. i got a quad breadboard(it has four full size ones) on jameco for 30 bucks and yet they had the same one at a local electronics shop for 100 bucks
the same things happen in Massachusetts and upstate New york. :)
i wonder if there is a difference in quality. you know? Like my BB is kind of hard to put wires in and a pain in the you know what to get IC's out even with the extractor thing. The local show were it was 100$ for the BB is a great shop called trojen electronics. they have tons of dirt cheap things like a 200 random lodgic IC's for like 3 bucks. and a 2 amp variable voltage PSU.
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