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temperture sensor

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hi guys
i have a small assigment which i suppose to design a temperture controller. this controller have to be connected to a small fan to cool down the PC adapter.
i need little bit help, in my view i think i have to connect small sensor to a relay but HOW, with temperture range HELP.?!


Using a simple thermistor, you can make an on/off circuit using a comparator/amp, transistor, fan, and glue components. The thermistor is not linear, but it does not matter if you are just going to turn the fan on/off. If you are building something like a PID controller for the fan, you'll need some type of processor to control the motor speed.


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Microchip has some great fan control chips Check out the TC642. Then all you need is a thermister and some resistors. The data sheet has a simple schematic.

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