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Temp.sensor for WECP-20 needed

Discussion in 'Buy, Sell and Trade' started by ChildOfVision, Aug 6, 2012.

  1. ChildOfVision

    ChildOfVision Member

    Jan 28, 2011
    Central Europe

    Temperature sensor on my Weller WECP-20 station died :((I measure few megaohms of resistance instead of 22 Ohm, and that value increases until reaches upper limit of my DMM)! R.I.P.

    So, if someone has a broken handle (LR-21), e.g. heater burned out, but sensor is still OK, please, maybe you are willing to send me this thing?
    I don't have much money (the new one costs $$$€€€), but I will gladly pay for postage + cold beer:)!

    I live in Europe (but outside of EU until mid-2013:confused:), so if you are interested (or have some idea how to get this thing for less than 5€), you can contact me by PM!


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