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TDS600 Series Schematics & Repair

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It seems finding information on repairing the TDS600 series scopes is rather rare, esspecially in the schematics area. I have searched and scoured the internet on and off for months since I purchased one, and to no avail. It seems Tektronix in it's infinate wisdom decided to make these scopes a throw away scope, with a board trade in program that had a finite time table. Tektronix no longer supports these scopes, except with some legacy user maintenance and software programs.
I seems there are hundreds of folks looking for the information. So I thought I would post this, with this title, in hopes folks would find it on a web search. If you have information on any TDS600 series scopes, reguarding board repair or schematics, please join the site and post it for everyone to find.
I use these scopes at work, we started with seven and we're down to three now in about 5 years. These are wounderful scopes, but they are getting old and ussually one of the channels goes out. For some odd reason our employer won't let us ues it if it's not 100%, even if the working channels pass calibration. We would like to repair the aquision boards, and the front ends, but there's just not enough time to reverse engineer them. Also I have one at home I bought off ebay, and the aux two doesn't work. Ayways this is a great site with loads of information, even if you don't have info on the scopes, it's worth the joining.


Have you registered with the yahoo newsgroup Tekscopes. Pretty much the place to go for help on fixing and all things Tek scopes
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