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TDA1524 Power?

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I have built this nice little tone controll unit with TDA1524. And now i vonder...
In the datasheet it says MAX input is 45mA @ 12V, and I'm using a 12V 250mA power suply. And my question is do i have to put a 267 ohms (12/0,045=266,666...) resistor in the middle of the suply pin (no. 3) and the power suply?

Heres the datasheet http://terre.lisa.univ-paris12.fr/Electronik/DataSheets/TDA1524A_CNV_2.pdf

I'm also using an active lopass filter in the same power suply.

This may be a stupid question... but as i have said many times: I'm still a newb...


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45mA @ 12V means that the IC will draw 45mA current when supply voltage is 12V. This doesn't mean that you have to limit the supply current to 45mA but the internal impedance of the IC is such that it will draw only that much of current.
So there is no need of series resistor for the power supply of any IC.
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