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:D hi pal,
Im going to built a woofer music system for my pc.
But :( i dont have the the proper circuit diagram & list of apparatures(things & electronic chip)that i need .
plz plz help me.

Someone Electro

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You would be better of buying an comercial one.Building one yourself would cost more an cost time.Not to metachon the qualety of an good sistem


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My new car came with a powerful subwoofer, speakers all over the place and tweeters that sound great. My new pc came with pretty good amplified speakers that I thought sounded great until today.
Today I heard a tune on the car radio that had strong deep bass. I played the same tune on my pc and couldn't hear the bass. So I hooked up a speaker that I made long ago, heard the strong deep bass in it and remembered about building it and the thrill of it playing really well the very first time. Hobbiests have good reasons to make stuff.
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