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Swordfish and Junebug - programming problems

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I recently read a post by someone offering up their Junebug on these forums because they couldn't get it working right.

This inspired me to dig my Junebug out and play with it again.

I had never tried Swordfish before, and thought it'd be a nice change, and more productive to play with basic. Up to this point, I had only used the programmer portion of the Junebug to load some simple assembler programs to a a 16F. Now I want to explore the Tutor part of the Junebug and program the onboard 18F1320.

Ok, down to my problem.....

I downloaded PK2CMD.EXE from Microchip.com
Followed these instructions from the Junebug manual
From the Swordfish IDE select
1. View
2. Compile and Program Options
3. Install New Programmer
4. Create a custom programmer entry
5. Junebug
7. Find automatically
8.  /PPIC$target-device$ /F$long-hex-filename$ /M /R /H2
9. Finished
10. OK
I cut and pasted the "/PPIC$target-device$ /F$long-hex-filename$ /M /R /H2" to avoid typos

when I do a "Compile and Program" the compiler does it's thing. I see a brief "optimizing" window, then "Assembly successful.

Previously I had loaded a LED blinker onto the onboard with MPLAB. The program I'm trying to load now is the USart demo in the Junebug manual that sends "Hello World". After programming, the LED's keep blinking away. Doesn't seem to load the new program.

Another issue. After I "thought" I had programmed it, I opened a Serial Terminal program to view the output of the Junebug "Hello World" but the program couldn't find a active USB port to connect to.

I can connect to the junebug with MPLAB, to verify it works. It finds the onboard 18F1320.

Any ideas?


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It's not powered on that why most people use the pickit2 ide to power and program after building with swordfish
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Yes, it's powered on, there is a LED demo running on the 18F1320 that alternately flashes the first 2 LEDs on the Junebug. That program keeps running.

I just loaded the Pickit 2 software on my computer. Version 2.61 - it updated the firmware on the Junebug and still no joy.

so MPLAB and Pickit 2 find the junebug just fine, but swordfish won't program it


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Wait, I got it!

I tried again after updating the firmware with the PicKit2 software, and it works fine now.

Happy days!

I wouldn't give this up, It's a very nice kit. I commend Bill on his design.


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program it with the pickit 2 ide and try it Swordfish It will build and program that's if you set it up right you added your programmer in the options box install new programmer
/PPIC$target-device$ /F$long-hex-filename$ /M /R /H2
make sure thats in the parmeters
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