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Stupid cars, cannot adjust settings of cruise control and want a cct to push and hold the button for me.


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I bought a 2018 RAV4 which has radar cruise control.
I do NOT like radar cruise control.
If I hold the CC button in for a number of seconds, it will bypass radar CC and allow normal CC.

I have a few of the old 8 pin internal osc PIC IC's lying around and my old vellman programming kit.

The PIC CCT will sit in between the CC button and the CC ECU.

I want the PIC to output the signal to the CC ECU, for a couple of seconds, on just a brief press of the CC button, so the CC ECU thinks I am holding the CC button in, so that the CC ECU goes to normal CC mode.

The more trickier one I then want is that on another brief press of the CC button, the cct outputs a double short pulse, like a double press of the CC button. This then makes the CC ECU think I have turned off CC, and turned it on again, which will enable Motorway CC, if I ever want it.

The CC does not necesarily need to be turned off as it will turn off when I turn off the car ignition(by pressing the stop button in this car's case).

I haven't programmed a PIC chip in many years, so has anyone got PIC basic code that will do this, and what other components do you think I will need to properly isolate my cct from the CC ECU?

GAWD I hate modern cars where the car makers think options can only be a certain way and not modified. Any electronic car option that offers more than the single option should be modifiable & saveable in my book.

Thank you.


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Modifying the circuit between a control and the ECU may void the "safety" of the car which in turn may void your car insurance. Just a warning...
See if you can get a dealer to disable what you want turned off. That way it is done by an authorized dealer/mechanic.


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No need to be sarcastic.
No need to be lazy either. You only need to do the setting once each time you start the car. How hard is that? I see the radar cruise as a big safety idea, it keeps you from rear ending another vehicle. Adding some circuit you design may end up costing you much more money when you need to replace the ECM or whatever is doing cruise.


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What the heck are these personal'esque replies about.
Never mind the reason, my request is for assistance on a small project.
Please only reply if you can assist.
Thank you.

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