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StunGun Project help

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Hi guys,
most of the post refer to people wanting help finding the 200K : 1K transformer...
I have found these but need help translating the capacitor values etc..
the Mark Stoker diagram refers to caps 1032/1KV, 102, 103
can someone please tell me what ones should i buy?
they are not electrolitic ones either?

has anyone sucessfuly built this project?


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stun gun capacitors

1KV capacitors are not needed, anything over 9 volts is OK. The numbers can be decoded: 1st significant digit, 2nd significant digit, number of zeros (value in picofarads). Therefore, 102 = 1000 pF, 103 = 10k pF = .01uF. Ceramic capacitors are best in this application.
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