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Studio Monitors Suddenly Stopped Working, Has Power But No Sound

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Hello, I hope somebody here could help me with my problem.

I have a Swans Hivi M200 MKIII, today when i turned it on it had no sound (music was already playing). Then after 5 seconds the sound came on. Weird. After a few more seconds i heard the speaker crackle (like the sound when you put an aux cord on your phone jack type of noise) then no sound. But the power light is still on so there is still power.

I have tried changing my audio source such as my phone. Still no sound. I changed the audio jack and the power cord, still none.

I've also tried to put the volume knob on max and put my thumb on the 3.5mm jack to see if their would be static sounds. Nope none.

Then I noticed that the heatsink on the back does not heat up anymore. And im pretty sure it hasnt overheated as i use a fan to cool it at the back. I opened her and checked the fuse and it looks mighty fine. Visually checked all caps and they all seem to look fine. I have no multimeter to test though. Electricity wise its been plugged in into a servo AVR its whole life. I seldomly use this thing and turn it off when not in use.

So thats that.


Powers on but no sound nor heats up :(
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