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stereo system for office

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I am in the process of building a dental clinic and would like to put speakers in 8 different rooms. I have been told that I will need a reciever, a 7 way speaker slector, 8 pairs of speakers, and 8 speaker volume controls plus approximately 500 feet of 16 ga wire.

I am a novice to audio systems and need some help and guidance on what to look for in the different components of this system. What shold I be looking for in each of them. Are there particlar units that will give me better quality at a reasonable price.

I am hoping for decent sound quality for reasonable cost. I may be way out in left field but I would hope to do this for around $2,000.

any advice, recomendations or assistance will be greatly appreciated.



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I recommend to use amplifiers separately nearby each loudspeakers. The sound-signal coming from studio via 600 ohm, so You can use a low-cost stereo shielded cable without higher frequency signal lost.
I think for rooms enough 2*20...25W, this power easyly realised by low-cost IC amplifier.
Another way a 100V power distributor system, but the problem is the independent volume control.


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maybe i'm wrong, but it seems for $2000 you could get someone to do the whole thing for you.

just my $.02


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try http://www.head-fi.org

its an audio site, mainly about headphones and DYI amps and stuff, pretty interesting. another much more useful site:


these are both mainly forums, you can ask your questions there and some experts in audio can help you.


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