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Stepper Motor outputs??

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I have a small stepper motor which I intend to use for a "Wind up torch" project. It has 6 pins, and I need to know how they are wired up in the coils inside the motor so that I can full-wave rectify the output.

Previously when I have come across 6 pin stepper motors, it has been pretty easy to work out which pin is which by measuring the resistance, usually they seem to be made up of either 3 separate coils or 2 centre tapped coils, but this one has me confused (which isn't difficult) as every pin seems to have a connection to every other pin.

The resistance between the pins works out like this...

Pins 1-2 Pins 1-3 Pins 3-4 = 3R
1-5 1-4
1-6 2-3
2-5 2-4
2-6 3-5
5-6 = 29R 3-6
4-6 = 16R

If I spin the motor with my fingers and measure for voltage and current it generates between 1V and 2V and 13mA to 40mA depending on which pins are connected, but every pin generates something regardless of which pin it is connected to, except for pins 3 and 4, nothing is generated between these two.

If someone can help me with this I would extremely grateful as my brain cell is getting tired.

Thanks a lot
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