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Sporatic fault in Creative I-trigue 3300 2.1 speaker system


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After being powered-on for varying lengths of time the left channel will spew a short %#[email protected]!$. I'm assuming the heating of components is causing the issue. If the unit is left on longer, the %#[email protected]!$'s will become more frequent and will eventually morph into a low-level fuzzy hiss with the left channel being somewhat attenuated. Powering off for a while resets the scenario. It's not the cabling or speakers and I've checked the PCB for obviously overheated components and bulging capacitors.

At best I would be classified as an advanced beginner hobbyist. I have a quality VOM but I don't have access to an oscilloscope. I haven't contacted Creative Labs for a circuit diagram as I figure they'd play the proprietary design card and politely tell me to get lost.

Any ideas or do I just chuck it in the trash???



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You could try freezer spray on one component at a time, to see if one is developing a temperature-related fault?

eg. https://uk.rs-online.com/web/p/freezer-sprays/1115853/

Alternatively a "canned air" aerosol, upside down - they are typically filled with propane and spray liquid when inverted; that will freeze things but be aware it is highly inflammable so keep anything that could ignite it well clear..

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