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speaker dc jack repair


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hi guys! new to the forum!
im an electronic enthusiast trying to repair a sony speaker (model srs x88).
the problem begun when my girlfriend plug a 1/4 mono male conector from a korg contact pickup directly to the dc power input jack, there was a spark, and after that the speaker never worked again.

so, i opend it and reach to the jack board. my asumption was that by changin the dc jack for a fresh one the problem will be solved, i mean, how could that broke the speaker completely?
this were exactly my steps.

1_ speaker works correctly
2_ 1/4 mono male connector plugged directly to speaker dc in jack (no power involved, the mono male connector is from a korg clip pickup. Nevertheless there was a spark coming from the jack)
3_after that speaker never worked again
4_ the original dc jack gets removed and i soldered a new one to the jackboard (little smaller than the original)
5_ cut original adapter tip and replace for a fresh one that will match the new smaller dcjack
6_speaker remains completely dead

maybe someone can point me what else could have gone wrong?
here are some pictures for help



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My first thought would be a voltage regulator has blown, rather than it being anything to do with the DC connectors themselves.

Some types are destroyed if the input side is shorted while there are capacitors on the output which still hold a charge.

Unfortunately even the so-called "service manual" does not appear to have circuit diagrams in it, so finding the fault will mean taking really good, clear, close-up photographs of the circuit boards so the connections from the DC input connector can be traced out to whatever components are involved.

The manual, for reference:

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