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Sound to light @pcb

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You haven't asked a question.

It sounds like you're demanding us to do your school project for you. That is not what we're here for. YOU do the work and YOU do the presentation. That's how school works.


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Hmmm..sounds a lot like my LED glasses design for the hearing impaired.
LEDs based on color indicate incoming sound direction, Front, FL, RL, R or L, Rear.


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sound to light.....get a microphone, amplify its output....make the amplified output it be the reference into a led current error amplifier of a led driver , and your leds will dim up and down with the music.
Clamp you ramplified signal so it doesnt go damagingly high with loud mmusic.


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If you make an extremely loud sound then will the explosion create light? I don't think so. Clapping my hands hard does not create light.
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