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SONY receiver overheated

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How much is it worth to you? You could probably fix it, if you know enough about how to find the faulty component. Sometimes it's nice and simple just look for the scorch mark of the failed part, but sometimes they take out other parts, or with a total system thermal overload like that the parts may have failed quietly meaning only a skilled technician could find them. It's probably worth it to open it up for a few minutes maybe post a few pictures here and poke around for a bit. But beyond that it will take off down a road of complexity you're probably not pre-paired for, and depending on the cost of the unit probably isn't worth it.


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Is it worth fixing a SONY SEN-770 receiver that overheated (my fault)? IF so How? Thanks, Tom
Did you have anything on top of the unit while playing your music? That would restrict the air flow around the amplifier and possibly overheat it. I have installed a fan on the back of mine to increase air flow.
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