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Sony ICF SW7600-- am problems; fm great

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Ok, here is my quest. (I am not very knowleagble on electronics, just retired). I bought a Sony ICF SW7600 in Colombia in 1992. Last year, it would not receive anything. I read about the crummy elect. caps that sony used so I bought enough of the small smd devices I needed to get a replacement cap for all the caps on the circuit board. The board was grimmy from the leaking caps so I used a toothbrush and alcohol to scrub the board. It really helped. SMD stuff is real hard on the eyes, but after some effort I was rewarded with great FM reception, but AM was displayed 10 khz off the actual for the station. Now AM is 99% gone, just static--- plenty of volume on the static but nothing really to listen to, FWIW.

The radio has a slide switch for normal or fine-tuned reception or upper/lower sideband via a wheel. It does not work now. Everything else on the radio works-- display, clock, buttons, etc.

Short wave seems to work ok, but I haven't spent much time there.

I would like to fix the darn radio to spite sony. They have been real pricks about any help. Offered help over a very expensive 900 area code phone line. Really wants to help, don't they. I found a schematic and parts list. I have a heathkit soldering iron I used in '70 to build my stereo. I don't really have any knowledge about electronics but I can piddle and putter pretty good. I'll tear into the radio after hearing from this post and pondering the problem some more.

If you have some advice, wisdom or thoughts about how to track down the problem, let me hear them. I was so sure I'd never get the damn smd caps replaced that I bought a new radio -- a Chinese made Degen 1103. It is 1/6th the price of the sony and works better. But it really aggravates me to have a once good, expensive radio fail. I babied the radio and expected more from sony. I am really disappointed in sony.

If ya have any ideas, let me hear them and thanks.
Not open for further replies.

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