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Some Software...


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First of all.. There should be a SOFTWARE section here. For tips and the like...

Hey guys been busy during this Lock Down ... Trying to keep sane.. Got a couple programs (Windows .Net required sorry) Made in C#. I don't complain if its free and simple to use.

First is a Serial Terminal (yes again but this time will be longer support.) Its available on my new Github. Along with the other program which is my Binary Converter.

AtomTerminal and AtomBinary are free for everyone. You can see how crappy i code or just some ideas of my boredom. Here are a couple screen shots and the link.


AtomTerminal is OPEN SOURCE! as much as it can be with windows lol.. i mean all the code i put into it in the last 3 days.. well its for everyone ok. If you have issues let me know. Ill work on it or just download the source and play yourself but id love to still be informed of issues.

Have some fun with SHRINKING the TEXT SIZE. I DO :)

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