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some question about programming

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im a begginer, i have some questions about constructing a proggramer

is it safe to use the pc power supply 12/5 v. is there a good way to get a steady power supply from the serial port.

where can i find a simple in circuit proggramer for the 16f877 or 16f628

thanks in advance


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thanks a lot for your answer

i just have one question

what is the icsp symbol (is it the pic) and what is it the use of pins 1 t0 6


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ICSP = in-circuit serial programming (i think)

connect pin 1 to the pin 4 of the PIC
pin 2 to pin 14 of PIC
pin 3 to GND
pin 4 to pin 13 of PIC
pin 5 to pin 12 of PIC
pin 6 to pin 10 of PIC
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