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some pcb making issue......

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ok...so i face this little problem.
on a pcb, a double sided one, you need to make a conenction from top to bottom. i mean, have a track that needs to pass from one side of the pcb to the other.
at the place where it must pass there is a hole. basically i need to connect the part of the track from bottom with the one from top, trough the hole.
what do i use to do that ?
i see on the boards off different equipment that it is just the hole, nothing passes trough it(or nothing that i can see), yet there is still a connection.
can anybody give me a suggestion?


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professional boards have plate through, you dont really have that ability at home, i use a piece of 22 gauge wire, solder one side, then the other, cut excess...


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That is the best you can do at home...... I normally get my boards done at ExpressPCB, when I get them every through hole inside is plated.... not sure how they do that.... kind of like this:

This way you don't need to put anything...... but home brew PCB need a wire thru the whole and soder both side to get a good connection.

Anyone knows how they plate the inside of those wholes?


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My best guess is that when this is needed a liquid copper if formed, not like super heated copper, but a binary chemical that forms copper, just drill the hole, and let the chemicals do the rest, either that or electroplating, which is probably how copper clads are made in the first place.

I mean I know how to give something a copper plating, only problem is it has to be able to conduct electricity, which the physical board can't.

I dunno how they're made all I know is that they work heh. Just like tanks...


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i also tried using solder to make the connection...but it is quite nasty...
not that good.
so i shoul use the wire soldered on both sides, right?


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Yes thats the only home-made alternative for vias.
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