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(Solved)Trouble getting IPS-display to work...3.2" HX8357B chipset

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Right, so to find good display to play with....actually it comes to dash computer in car, once I get some live on it! Display I mean hehe...
But, for now, I can't find information what purpose those 2 lonely pins serve? I see that they go to reset & 3v3, so I can only presume that activates SPI-mode, instead of 16-bit paraller.
And, I don't have mega, only pro mini & uno, but that shouldn't be issue here, something else.
Screen doesn't appear to be dead, as backlight comes on, and sometimes in some sketches, flickers, so it tries to do something. Also, It's 3v3/5v compatible.
What is odd also, is that seller indicated shipset being HX8357B, but in package I got, reads ILI9481
Pins I think that are needed:
5v,gnd<-well, power is needed
SPICK, MISO, MOSI, LCD_CS <-normal procedure for SPI
LCD_RS (register select), LCD_WR(write), LCD_RST(reset)

link for display in question:
due the price, I bought only one, partly because I forgot to buy two, makes sense? Not actually....

Anyone else here succeeded in getting these dispays to work? And, thoughts of lonely 2 pins?
Also, that small switch is mystery too, but I feel It's reset?



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Got it working with even UNO, issue was that I thought SPI being for display, but it was for SD-card. Display was controlled by 16-bit paraller.
UTFT-library worked.
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