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Smartband Microcontroller

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Hi all,

I bought a cheap Chinese smart band with the intention of modifying the code on it to do what I want. The chip on the smart band is not a standard companys chip (I.e. Microchip etc.), but a nameless one with code written on it: ZKC1846 DH7949. I'm not expecting someone to know what this chip is (as I have already searched online), but there are several pins on the board which I assume I can use to connect to it. I am unsure what all these are, and was hoping someone could help identify them. Below I have posted the letters as shown on the boards and various questions/ statements.

RXD - I know you can use these for communication, I.E Bluetooth, but can you use them to "program" the microcontroller?

CLK -I can only assume for the clock!
SWS - I believe means "Serial Wire Slave", but I am unsure how to use this for programming

INT - the last three I am unsure of what exactly they do.

Any help, for the definitions or how to program this chip would be very useful!

Thanks in advance!

Nigel Goodwin

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If you don't know what the chip is, how do you expect to write code for it? - bear in mind, even if you could access the chip, you can't 'modify' the existing code, you would need to write the entire code completely from scratch. This assumes you can identify the processor, and obtain the required software tools.

Nigel Goodwin

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Well understanding the pins is a start, I presume there is some generalised microcontroller programmer.
No, pretty well all makes and types have their own programmers, and vastly different instructions and capabilities. Are you fluent in all languages on earth?, it's much the same - how does been fluent in English help you in China or Russia?.

There's not even any guarantee that there's a programming interface available, and the chip would most likely be protected as well.


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I would expect it to be mask programmed and not able to be reprogrammed. The fact you "think" you could program it suggest you will fail.

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