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Smart card reader/writer using JDM Programmer

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I recently devlope the multi programmer for PIC ,after some bugs it is ok .
Now , i am using IC-PROG software for the same [ more chip get varified with this ] , basically it is a jDM programmer so winprog is also applicable [ with this less chip get varified , may be my prob. / hw prob].

After this i try/go for smart card but suitable information is not found about pin dia. at last got some idea about connection but still CLK pin missing.

can i know the exact procedure for r/w for smart card ? from you.
is there adapter required ?

There is 24xx adapter which is not using clk pin , i try this for 24xx chip.
if it is ok , it can be ready for you if it required [ inyour solution].

i know all primary data , you can assume !

Nigel Goodwin sir expected.

Nigel Goodwin

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Only some smart cards contain PIC's, other contain different devices - of the PIC ones many also contain an I2C EEPROM. However, the EEPROM isn't externally accessible, you need to write a program to run in the PIC that copies the required data to the EEPROM.

The only hardware required is a card socket wired to your PIC programmer, plus an external colck (to make the PIC run) if you want to write to the EPROM.

EPE did a full project not too long ago.
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