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SKY phone calls scam


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The UK seems to be a recent target for a scam Sky phone / email calls , I have warned all my adult children ,( I don't have Sky , but got a scam email from someone who did ) this is from a sky forum ,to give a flavour of the calls ..the scammers gain access to the users sky email and use their contacts email addresses to obtain various account perhaps ID info .. be aware .

I received 2 calls ths morning in the space of 10 mins, 1st was a women saying we are aware you having issues with broadband speed running slow at times ( which is true) and that there was an engineer in the area could i please log on to my laptop or device, when i said NO it wasnt convienient she hung up on me, so i relaised it was scam, Next call was a man, i siad i know its a scam becuase just had call, he siad i asure you it isnt a scam, i said yes it is a real staff member wouldnt hang up, he then also hung up. I then called sky ( by looking number up )to report but must have called a fake number as when i got through it sounded correct and i was asked to privide my Sky log in password, which i did, i was then put through to someone called Karen with scottish accent and suddenly quickly tranferred to another foreign lady, who when i started to explain Scam call just hung up on me.

so i have now changed my password, and tried to find a way of reporting this other than calling sky, which has proved some what diffcult and doesnt seem to be an option anywhere to report a scam, hence me know posting it on here. I have also reported it to BT OFCOM as they called from a number that when called back says it doesnt exisit,

Nigel Goodwin

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To be honest Grandad, it's pointless trying to report it - you're just wasting your time and their time - these attempted scams are commonplace, using all kinds of different ISP names, bank names, anything they can try and use to scam money out of you.

As I'm sure you've now realised, you should NEVER enter or provide passwords etc. when contacting a company, or even more so when contacted by a random stranger.

I've got a call blocker, not had a scam call for a number of years now.


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Nigel...Perhaps I did not explain ...( A ) I dont have SKY ( waste of £ ). (B) I did not report it ( C ) I did not receive the 'Sky' phone call , I had a bogus email poporting to be from the sky user, ( D ) I informed him his Sky email had been hacked and he was very grateful ! ( E) The blue text was , from a SKY community forum it highlights how some scams work . (Z) being aware is never a waste of time

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