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Single earbud for PS4 (Sony Playstation) need help how to re-wire jack plug - TRRS


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I have a single earpiece PS4 earbud with Mic build in which came with the PS4, and although I have another headset sometimes I like to keep one as a spare just in case the other fails.

It has a TRRS jack (Tip/Ring/Ring/Sleeve) with 4 cables: Solid Red, Red/Copper, Solid Copper and a Solid White, on dissecting the jack plug I noticed that some of the wire weren’t soldered and were literally making some kind of contact from just the black pvc casing holding them in place, therefore I am now unsure which points they should have been soldered too.

I am okay with a soldering iron and I understand that the cables are as follows:

White = Mic

Solid Copper = Positive

Solid Red = Negative

Red/Copper = Common Ground

My question is which pin should I solder to on the jack plug i.e. the Tip (left Audio) or the Ring (right Audio)

And would it cause a problem if the Left Audio or Right Audio is left with no cable affixed.

I have tried to research via Google/Bing and everything links to a 2 piece (Left and Right) earbud or headphone.

Your kind assistance would be kindly appreciated so I can repair these and set them aside in desperate times.

Please refer to attached images, apologies if they are not the clearest, however I hope you can see where I am referring.

Original_TRRS jack.jpg
- image (TRRS jack) you can just about see the white (MIC) wire is connect the the Sleeve, however the other wire attached I cant work out because it is moulded in with the black plastic.

Inside_single earbud.jpg
- image (Single earbud) you can just work out that the wires used are solid Red, and solid Copper.

Front_PCB_inside_Mic slide switch.jpg
- image (Front of PCB Mic slide switch) you can see the slide switch and the Mic.

Back_PCB_Inside_Mic slide switch.jpg
- image (Back of PCB Mic slide switch) you can just work out the wires as I previously mentioned above and the 3 SMD components used.

Again apologies for the images and possible lack of information, had a realised this was going to be a mission then I may have just binned in, but since I have it apart (using my ESD wrist strap and mat) I feel I need to complete this repair and give myself a pat on the back hahaha


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It appears the earpiece was using the tip contact before, so I'd put it back on that; the plug pin is already tinned so soldering would be easier.

I'd expect earpiece ground/negative and mic ground to both go to the second ring contact, the one that still has something on it at the plug.
The separate wires from the headset minimise crosstalk between the headphone and microphone sides of the system.


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That "other wire molded into the black" may not be a wire. Some thin wire assemblies have a piece of glass fiber or nylon fiber (yarn) to add both:
- tensile strength to the cable, and,
- by pulling on this Will rip open the outer jacket without damaging the inner wire insulation.

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